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Silence welcomed Elysia when she quickly entered the annex after briefly greeting Rizbeth.


Are you asleep”

Elysia’s voice echoed throughout the quiet room yet it did not make a dent in the silence.

There was no response from Eden; he must’ve already fallen asleep.

Elysia decided not to disturb his slumber and just wait for him like she did yesterday; she quietly walked toward the bed, trying not to make any sound.

Elysia’s eyes slowly widened as she got closer to the bed.

“Isn’t that mine…”

Elysia found Eden sleeping with the coat she had left behind yesterday.

She knew she had left it in the annex, but she didn’t expect to find Eden in it.

‘Wasn’t he provided with extra garments’

‘Will it disturb his sleep if I try to take it’

Elysia’s red coat was awkwardly unsuitable for Eden, sleeping so innocently.

Elysia’s arms were crossed while making up meaningless comments inside her head, and Eden’s eyelashes slowly moved.

“Are you awake now”

Elysia asked Eden, who slowly opened his eyes.

Eden slowly rose from his bed and sat while habitually rubbing his eyes.

“Elysia… Hello…”

Elysia found Eden adorable when he said his greetings and bowed as he sat down.

‘Of course, Ariel too.’

Are all children adorable when they are at this age’

Elysia thought about her childhood.

It seemed to vary person to person.



Eden’s hair from his left was flat, a result from sleeping on that side.

Elysia reached out to him and combed his hair with her fingers.

Yet there was no change in his hair’s volume.

“I… read the book.

Three times.”

Eden said to Elysia, and dragged the book to him that was on the bedside.

“Really Wow.

Isn’t that amazing”

Maybe it was because he had a good night’s sleep that Eden felt refreshed; with a big smile on his face as he proudly shared that he read the book thrice.

And it wasn’t a lie.

He had slept for 16 hours and only woke up after his body felt tired from too much sleep, then Eden read the book Elysia had left for him and went back to sleep again.

Elysia was unaware of the real story, clapped and responded well to Eden.

At Elysia’s straight-forward response, Eden’s cheeks flared up.

‘He seemed to be the type to blush easily.’

“It’ll become boring if you read the book more than thrice, right I’ll bring you another one to read tomorrow.”

Elysia said, as she tucked Eden’s hair behind his ear.

The book Eden read was not thick and it did not have a lot of text either.

‘He was able to read it multiple times because it’s a children’s book, but it wouldn’t be truly fun to read and to indulge in yourself a lot of times.’


Eden disliked being left alone, but he had no choice as his body has limit to how much he can forcefully sleep.

He had slept more than the recommended time, forcing Eden to stay awake.

And each time, Eden spent his time reading the book Elysia had brought for him.

Since it was a children’s book, Eden was able to read it without difficulty.

However, Eden wasn’t able to relate to the dreamy fiction.

‘The lion… danced.’

‘Was that even possible’

Eden questioned the line he had read.

The lion Eden knew walked on four legs, and could not stand on two legs and dance as shown and described in the book.

It was a fantasy daydream Eden couldn’t relate to as other children did.

At the same time, Eden thought that it would be a terrifying reality if Elysia confirmed that they were real.

“By the way… Eden.”


When Elysia was doubting that her memory could be wrong, she hesitated to call Eden.

Eden’s concentration was afloat, but when she called him, his focus was quickly all on her.

“I think that’s my coat…”

‘Is it’

Elysia wondered again.

She didn’t mean by it that she wanted it returned.

She brought it up thinking that maybe it would be better if he wore the clothes that fit him.

However, Eden seemed to take Elysia’s words the other way; the way his flushed face was replaced with white.

“I, I’m sorry… I’ll give it to you…”


If there was anyone beside them, Eden’s tone could have led them to mistakenly misunderstand that Elysia was stealing Eden’s coat.

I’m sorry.

I’ll give it to you.

Compared to when Eden said sorry, when he said ‘I’ll give it to you,’ his voice was so low it was believable that he had spoken to an ant.

Moreover, the way he removed Elysia’s coat was slow.

‘Eden normally moves slowly, but he is particularly slow right now.’

“No… You can have it if you want.”


‘Yes, it wasn’t enough even if I gave away two of my garments.’

Elysia stopped Eden from further removing the coat and shook her head.

At the same time, Eden’s grim face brightened.

‘What is this.’

The coat was expensive, but Elysia thought that Eden didn’t seem to know the value of it.

If Elysia were honest, for her, most of the clothes Rachel brought her were simply just ‘clothes.’

And yet, they liked it so much.

Eden had pulled an arm from the coat’s sleeve and put his arm back in again.

Eden was all smiles up to his ear as he fiddled with the end of the coat’s sleeves.

Elysia couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him.

Suddenly, Elysia had become a proud elder sister who handed over two pieces of clothing to her adorable little ones in a day.


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