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Another world opened up in front of me… The world I was in now, the world I would live in in the future.

Declan was there.

As the time I spent with him, from the first time we met until now, unfolded like a panorama, there was only one thought that was in my mind at that time.

‘…I have to go back to him.’

However, I couldn’t figure out how to get out of here.

‘How did I get in there’

I carefully traced my memory, but it was as faint as an old memory, even though it was only a short time ago.



[ Child.




In an instant, a voice that seemed to shake my head was heard.

‘Lakande tree…’

An intense light erupted from all directions, and I quickly closed my eyes.

While a pure white space appeared in the sense of awe, there was a warm call.

“…Are you the one who called me here”

Instinctively, I could see that the one who called me was the God of this world, Rohim.



[ Yes.




…Did that mean you had been watching me since I was born If so, the reason for being able to see the past was there.


‘That’s not enough of a reason for choosing me.’

Even if I looked at it objectively, I couldn’t find anything that could be chosen of in me.



[ Are you curious about that ]



Rohim asked as if reading my thoughts.


I want to know.”



[ There was not just one dimensional gate.

I took a chance on one of them.




It was the same as Tanael.


[ Your soul is clear.

And, your desire to live is strong.

So, don’t be burdened with what you choose.



…How could I not feel the pressure of being the savior of the world It felt like I was forcing myself to wear clothes that didn’t fit.



[ You saved many who were destined to die.




“It’s just for me to live.”



[ Did you not save those who were not related to your future ]




Even though I wanted to respond, I couldn’t come up with a suitable word.



[ More than anything else, the soul needs to have a strong desire to stay here so that the soul could settle in this world.




Did I really deserve something like that



[ Child, if you want to take on a physical body and stay in this world as a whole person, you must put on my powers.




…In other words, if I refused, I could not become a person.

“What if I refuse”



[ You’ll have to go back to your original world.

In the first place, you’re not a soul that belongs to this place.




…To my original world Was I not already dead there

‘If I don’t do what you want, you’re going to bring me back’

Putting my hands on my waist, I glanced up.

Since I could only hear the voice, I needed to know where the source was.

“You brought me here as you like If I don’t work, will you send me back Who’s making the rules…!”



[ To dismiss being God’s agent as simply a job… ]



“It’s a job! Giving abilities means giving that much, right”

I cut God’s word coldly and insisted on it.


[ I’m not asking you to pay the price, I’m asking you for a favor.

You need my strength to live here.



At my reaction, Rohim tried to persuade me bit by bit.



[ However, the power that can be given to souls from other worlds is limited.




As his voice was drenched in sorrow, my heart softened a little.



[ That means that if you choose not to become a savior, I can’t give you strength.




It was a shameless thing to ask him to turn him into a human without paying anything.

‘Let’s think of one thing.’

The only reason I was here was because of Declan… to return to the person who was still waiting for me eagerly.

Other than that, it didn’t matter.

“Please come back, don’t forget me.”

Even now, his voice seemed to be heard vividly in me.

With that thought, there was no more hesitation.


Let me stay here, as a whole person.”



[ Thank you.

Then, from now on, I’ll tell you what you should do.





* * *



After a while, when I opened my eyes again, I was in front of the Lacande tree.

“How have you been”

Tanael politely greeted me.

“You have become a person.


Leaving behind his congratulations, I quietly held my two hands.

I squeezed my chest fearing that my hand might pass through though I could feel the warmth of my skin touching it.

“…Oh, my gosh.”

After a moment’s silence, I grabbed Tanael’s hand.

“I can touch you.”

‘I could touch other people…!’

My eyes got hot, and tears flowed.

“I’m in tears.”

“Thank you.

It must have been a difficult choice.”

Tanael bowed politely.

“If you need any help in the future, feel free to contact me.

I’ll take care of you.”

“Are you going to stop being a puppeteer”

“It’s a hobby.”

At my words, he just rolled his eyes.

“Can I go out now”

Now was not the time for that.

It was because Declan was waiting.

“Yes, you can leave as you came.”

I turned around without delay.

The footsteps that had been walking fast were suddenly running.

At the same time, my heart was pounding out of control as I was out of breath.

“…I’m alive.”

It was only now that I realized that I had become a person.

I wanted to show this to Declan right away.

Now, we can be together.

I could stand next to you…

I wanted to hug him saying that.



* * *



“Your Majesty…!”

I ran through the gates of Perseum without hesitation.

The next moment, as soon as I saw Declan standing close, I hugged him.


He asked with a trembling voice.

He was stuck in an awkward position, not knowing what to do.

“Yes, I’m back.”

Declan’s throbbing heartbeat was heard from his chest against my ear.

His body, which had been hardened, slowly loosened, and he embraced me tightly with both arms.


I felt a warm breath over my head.

Declan’s body temperature, which I finally felt, was hotter than expected.

His tight arms gave me a sense of stability that I didn’t want to leave from it.

I wanted to run around screaming at the fact that I could feel it all.

“Erica, Erica…”

Declan continued to call my name and hugged me tightly as if trying to confirm that I was alive.

“Yes, I am here.”

Every time he called, I hugged him even tighter.

How much did I want to hug him How much warmth did I want to feel…

Suddenly, wanting to see Declan’s face, I raised my face to see his tearful face, and I reached out my hand and carefully wiped the tears away.

‘Every time he shed a tear, I wanted to wipe it like this…’

For a moment, I was moved by the watery feeling on my fingers, I was embarrassed to see his face.

His shaggy beard and haggard face looked like someone who hadn’t eaten or slept for a while.

‘Isn’t he tidy when we were on the way to the great temple’

What was going on…

At the thought, I hurriedly grabbed his face with both hands and asked, “What’s wrong with your face Have you been attacked”

Thousands of bad situations were pictured in my mind, and my head went blank.

However, he just grabbed my hand and lowered the end of his eye.

Declan gazed at me with a face that was neither smiling nor crying.

“…Really, I can feel the warmth.”

“Your Majesty, that’s not that important right now.

What happened”

When I pulled out my hand and tried to examine him, he grabbed me firmer and leaned his face against me.

“Wait a moment.”

He held my hand like a man wandering through the desert and found an oasis.

‘That cry was not a hallucination.’

…How long has he been waiting for me

I gently caressed Declan’s face.

His skin, which was always shiny and smooth just by looking at it, had now become rough.

‘I’m upset.’

When his hands gently grazed my eyelids, I opened my eyes as I felt the touch before smiling softly at him.

“I always wanted to feel your touch.”


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